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Quality assurance measures and service commitment

First, the quality assurance measures:
1. Body casting materials, physical and chemical indicators have reached the national GB required standards.
2. Valve manufacturing, assembly, inspection and testing strictly according to the national GB and industry JB, ZB, HG, SH, YB, SD standards.
3. Product design and development, production, installation and service according to ISO9001 quality management system standards for control.
4. All products are accompanied by instructions and product certificates.
5. Product cleanliness and measuring method and supply requirements exactly JB/7748-1995 and JB/T7928-1999 standards.
6. For the user, provide a variety of technical advice and a variety of physical and chemical testing.
Second, after-sales service commitment:
1 product warranty period of 18 months, during the warranty period, to provide users with quality tracking service, product manufacturing problems indeed, the implementation of "three guarantees", home to provide on-site technical advice and services.
(2) During the warranty period, the customer who finds the product quality problems, the company correspondence received from the user, four hours to reply within 24 hours to send someone to the demand side, the scene to solve the problem.
3 product distribution services. According to the company subordinate branches, offices layout specified by the company or a division of the nearest service office and fill out the way the company reported to the archive service feedback.